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The flue gas denitration technology

Due to the limitations of low nitrogen combustion technology in the furnace, making NOx emissions cannot achieve satisfactory degree, in order to further reduce NOx emissions, flue gas denitration process must be conducted. Passage of the flue gas denitration technology can be roughly divided into dry process, half dry method and wet method 3 classes. The dry process including selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR), electron beam combined desulfurization denitration method; Semi-dry method has joint activated carbon desulfurization denitration method; Wet method such as ozone oxidation absorption.
Among many denitration method, SCR denitration technology with its denitration device has the advantages of simple structure, no by-products, convenient operation, high reliability, high denitration efficiency, a lot of advantages, a relatively low investment in Japan and Europe and the United States has been widely commercial application.
It is necessary that the denitration with environmental protection requirement. Volume is big, the difficulties are: flue gas concentration is low, but the total NOX is opposite bigger, absorption after adsorption denitration ultimate waste disposal difficult, high cost.

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