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Circulating fluidized bed half dry process desulphurization

1) high desulfurization efficiency: the calcium sulfur ratio was 1.1 ~ 1.1, the desulfurization efficiency can reach more than 90%, equivalent to that of wet processes;
2) engineering investment cost, operation cost, and the desulfurization cost is low, 50% ~ 70% for wet process;
3) technological process is simple, less equipment, 40% ~ 50% for wet process, and less moving parts, so as to improve the reliability of the system, reduces the maintenance and overhaul cost;
4) cover an area of an area small, 30% ~ 40% for wet process, and flexible system arrangement, very suitable for the existing shortage of space and transformation of the new units of the unit;
5) low energy consumption, such as power consumption, water consumption, etc., 30% ~ 50% for wet;
6) can effectively removing SO3, chloride and fluoride and other harmful gases, the removal efficiency is much higher than wet process, up to 90% ~ 99%, so for the absorber and downstream flue and chimney equipment less subject to erosion, not use gas heaters, the existing chimney can not be carried out anti-corrosive treatment, direct use of dry desulfurization of flue gas chimney emissions;
7) for boiler load change of strong adaptability, good load tracing performance, start-stop is convenient, but at 30% load putting-in-service proactively, unit for base load and peak shaving has good applicability;
8) strong adaptability of coal sulfur content, can be used in the coal sulfur content of 0.3% ~ 6.5%. And applied to low-sulfur coal (< 2%), paint economy is better than that of wet process;
9) no desulfurization wastewater discharge, and dry desulphurization by-product, will not cause secondary pollution, good for comprehensive utilization and disposal of pile;
10) desulfurization ash can use electrostatic precipitator, also can use bag precipitator capture;
11) in the desulfurization absorbent to add a small amount of iron-based catalyst can be removed by 60% ~ 90% nitrogen oxides, with desulphurization denitrification integrated development potential.

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